Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Husqvarna Story

This the email I sent to them and I attached a very detailed 5 page PDF, complete with times, dates, names an phone numbers.  I was going to post it, but I know no one will read it.  heck  . .  no one will read this post, but hay why not.  Maybe it will inspire someone to never give up on getting things right!

This email is meant solely for Mr. Somebody, Head of Sales Americas.

Dear Mr. Somebody, My name is Slim Shady, your time is limited and valuable so I will get to the point of this letter in less than two pages. However I have documented everything, and can provide a PDF file for you, but it is 5 pages, so I am leaving it out. If you read all the details you will be shocked at how your employees violated your core values of customer first, professionalism and teamwork. Any by no means was there passion and a sense of urgency. Will you hold to those core values?

Our new house is heated with an outdoor furnace that burns wood. We have a backup oil furnace that is too expensive to run all the time. Therefore I needed a reliable, well-built chainsaw. After many weeks of research, talking to professionals via online forums and friends, the verdict was abundantly clear: buy Husqvarna, specifically the 346 XP. Spending $507.00 (1/3 of my paycheck) on a chainsaw was a difficult decision. Based on the positive reports about Husqvarna service I bought it locally for the service.

Through a series of events that began on June 21, 2011, my saw ended up at Weirton Rental Center (WRC) on July 8, 2011 for warranty repair. On July 11, 2001 WRC called and told me the saw was running fine. I asked them to do some tests, they did, and found that it had low compression at 90 PSI, so it was not fine, they were wrong. On July 13, 2011 WRC called and said parts are ordered and it should be ready in two weeks. On July 26, 2011 I received a voicemail from WRC stating that parts were going to be ordered and the saw should be ready in two weeks. I called and said that they told me that two weeks ago, to which they responded, well we’ve been busy.

August 11, 2011 still no call from WRC so I called and spoke with the tech, he said: aw man, I got the parts, put it together and went to test it and it came apart inside . . ..

I was not happy, so I called customer service, spoke with Melody told her the deal, she said they would send a new saw to my house. Melody told me the saw would be at my house in 7-10 days. I was expecting a saw between August 18th-21st.

I waited for my saw until August 23, 2011, and still no saw. I called many times, left messages, talked to different people, basically got the run around. I called again and ask to speak to a supervisor, I did, she said she will get back me either via email or phone, she never did.

So I called back on September 2, 2011 11:48 A.M. and got the supervisor again at 336-375-7500 ext. 8996. The supervisor said she would call back. She called me at 4:48 P.M. on September 2, 2011 to tell me that the request was denied, yes DENIED. Stunned, I asked why she said that they do not replace professional saws they fix them. I asked to speak to someone who can fix this problem and I got put through to Rick. Rick seemed genuinely concerned and said, this is a problem we made, we will fix it.

Monday September 6, 2011 at 4:12 P.M. Rick called me and said he talked to WRC and they still had the saw and they would fix it, Rick said he told WRC to fix it. I asked Rick if he could expedite the repair, he said no. I asked Rick to overnight the parts, he said he could not order parts or send parts. I asked Rick if I could have three months added to my warranty since my saw has sat for three months, he said no. I asked Rick if he could do anything to help, he said it was up to WRC. He did eventually extend the warranty three months. I then called WRC and talked to Bob. Bob was not happy that Husqvarna ® dumped it on them and said he would call Rick. Since I thought I was getting a new saw I told that to WRC; consequently they stopped working on it and it has been sitting since August 11, 2011. Did I mention I heat with wood? No saw no wood, this saw wasn't bought for playing with, I need it, oil is too expensive.

I called Bob on September 8, 2011 and he had no new information and he said he would call me back when he knew more.

I called Bob on September 15, 2011, he said he was waiting for Husqvarna to authorize the repair. I thought Rick told them to fix it on September 6, 2011. I gave Bob this number, 704-597-5000, told him to call and get the authorization. I then called the 597 number, tried to get some information, the only thing they could tell me was Rick extended my warranty and that was all. No parts, no authorization, no clue and Rick is out until September 19th. I asked to be put through to Neil L., I left a voice mail begging him to call me. About an hour later I called Bob to ask what Husqvarna said, he said parts were ordered. But he indicated that he was not sure if Husqvarna would reimburse, so I assume no authorization.

Right now it is September 16, 2011 and I have heard the “ordering parts jive” before. I wanted to wait until this was resolved, but I am doubtful it will be, as I have been run around for almost 90 days, and still no saw, no progress, same story, I'm at a loss and borrowing a friend's Stihl 029, I sure hope he doesn't need it back anytime soon.

As of now I am waiting for Neil to call, but I am tired of waiting and past experience has taught me that Husqvarna employees, and associated representatives do not call back. As far as I know my saw is waiting for parts, no time frame was given as to when it will be fixed. Even if WRC called and said it was ready, I am not in any way satisfied, unless Neil calls and sends me a saw, a full refund, money for oil, or 12 cords of wood, I am not satisfied. What can you do?

At every level so far Husqvarna has failed their customer. At no time did anybody live up to your core values of: customer first, professionalism and teamwork. To make matters worse, no one ever fulfilled this goal of yours: Always with passion and a sense of urgency. Will you fail me too, or will you put me first, be professional and work as team with all that are involved? Hundreds of people from the same internet forum that suggested the 346 XP have been following this saga and they are not only surprised by this situation, they are anxiously waiting for the final resolution, will their advice be vindicated by your resolution?

Instead of making demands, I will leave it up to you, you’re the one that can make this right. One thing I learned from this experience was to have a good backup saw, so what I buy next depends solely on you; that is if I have to buy a backup, as I know you can send me one. I am just one customer out of hundreds of thousands, but because of the global connectedness of the internet, hundreds are watching. I know things can take time as you speak with the departments involved, but I think given your commitment to “ a sense of urgency” 4 weeks is ample time for a final resolution. If 4 weeks comes and goes with no resolution, phone call or email, then I will take your silence as your resolution, and it will speak volumes about the character, integrity and commitment of Husqvarna. I have not yet sent this to anyone else, and if necessary I will make sure I get this,via snail mail and email, to the proper board members and others in the company. I am confident that I will be able to report that Husqvarna made it right with passion and urgency.

Thank you for your time. I can reached at: 867-5309

With Hope,
Clayton M. McGalla


I have been assigned your incident and want you to know Husqvarna is doing everything possible to satisfy you, our customer.
First, and most important, your new 346XP saw should arrive today or tomorrow. We have shipped it directly to your home address.
Second, the service shop has been turned over to the Territorial Sales Representative for review and if needed, disciplinary action.
Third, we apologize for any confusion created through this incident. I have spoken to our consumer division and have reinforced to them
our warranty policy and expected treatment of our customers.
Please retain your original sales receipt and warranty extension paperwork. The warranty does not re-set but will continue from the original
purchase date.
I am certain you see we are committed to our customer's satisfaction. We value you as a customer and look forward to working together
again on future projects.

never buy Kingston Brass products

Of course Amazon was awesome . . . anyway when the faucet arrived it was missing several parts, a whole box in fact. I figured I would just call Kingston Brass and they would send me the parts. I called, they emailed me a parts list and I responded with the missing parts that I needed. That was the last I heard, so I called a week later to confirm that they got my response and sent the parts. They said they did not send the parts because they needed a receipt . . . unfortunately my mind reader was out of batteries, so I missed that, and they never ask for one. I promptly emailed my Amazon receipt and they said parts are on the way . .. that was 30 says ago. I realized that Amazon's awesome return policy was the way to go, so I returned and in 3 days I had my new faucet. Kingston Brass will never get my business again. If they can't even send a box of parts, which they claim they sent, then I certainly do not expect them to handle a repair or warranty claim.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My answer

I am taking a class in American History up to 1877 and the professor asked this question:

Was Pres. Andrew Jackson good, evil, or both?

Should we judge him by the standards of today?

Well, I figured I would answer and this was my response and thought y'all would enjoy it.  I hope I don't fail.

The question of good and evil is not necessarily a question for historical narrative.  However, when you have a man like Jackson that was considered one of the country’s greatest leaders  since the founding fathers, who was also responsible for despicable actions; it is a question worth investigating.  More so to determine if they (we) love the expansion of our country more than the human beings that were displaced, hurt and killed.  The question of good and evil is in fact a spiritual question and one that cannot find its answer solely in the minds of men.  To answer a question of such gravity we must look to something that is transcendent , otherworldly and outside our limited epistemological base.  Sure, if we  compared Jackson to someone like Mother Theresa he is evil.  But if we compared Jackson to Stalin or Hitler he is good; so then, the question that must first be answered is: compared to who?  We cannot judge the actions of Jackson, or any person, by those of other people because we can always find someone “better” and someone “more evil.”  Now we must answer the question of standards, if we are to unpack Jackson as good or evil.  It is important to clarify that the kind of standard that is related to good and evil is different than other standards.  For example, is my Toyota Corolla fast?  Compared to a go cart, yes it is, but compared to an Indy Car, no and this kind of standard is not how we would judge good and evil.  If evil were judged with a sliding scale then we could all have our own scale by which we would judge and that would be a problem.  If on my scale I said slavery was wrong and on Jackson’s scale he said it was good, then the question is who is right?  Logically either we are both wrong, or one of us is right, no other tenable view is possible. To suggest that we are both right is self-refuting because saying we are both right, is to say that it would be wrong to say we are both wrong or that only one of us is right.  The conclusion is that either way only one view is indeed right.  The question about Jackson being good, evil or both is best answered when compared to a standard that does not change.  Think of it this way: if you have 10 pianos are they tuned to each other, or a single tuning fork?  Naturally you would tune all 10 pianos to the same standard, the same tuning fork.  Pianos don’t stay in tune by being tuned to another piano because pianos do in fact go out of tune.  Now the question is who or what do we compare Jackson to? I would suggest that a transcendent moral objective must necessarily exist in order to answer the questions you asked.  In fact the founding fathers thought there were certain inalienable rights that were bestowed upon all man by a creator.  If I were stand with the framers I could confidently say that the standard is that of God, as revealed in the Bible and the person of Jesus of Nazareth.  The progress of revelation throughout our nation’s history has been fraught with man’s self-serving interests for power, money, land and prestige.  Jackson was no different.  Just because slavery was in fact legal doesn’t mean it was right and just because it was illegal to speak out against your country doesn’t mean it was wrong.  Therefore my answer would be that Jackson, like all of us (I reject the “tabula rasa” idea)  are evil at heart.  All of us are evil when compared to the  immutable standard of a Holy God, so I do not think, in relation to good and evil, that there is a different standard today than there was in Jackson’s day.  Because if there was that would mean that slavery and stealing land were really right at the time, and I doubt anyone who is intellectually honest would go there.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Will You?

Richard Wurmbrand, who suffered for the faith in Romania during the last half of the 20th century, describes his farewell to children in the church before he left his troubled homeland:

I remember my last Sunday School class before I left Romania. I took a group of ten to fifteen boys and girls on a Sunday morning, not to a church, but to the zoo. Before the cage of lions I told them, "Your forefathers in faith were thrown before such wild beasts for their faith. Know that you also will have to suffer. You will not be thrown before lions, but you will have to suffer at the hands of men who would be much worse than lions. Decide here and now if you wish to pledge allegiance to Christ." They had tears in their eyes when they said, "Yes."

Saturday, May 11, 2013


In this hour of all-but-universal darkness one cheering gleam appears: within the fold of conservative Christianity there are to be found increasing numbers of persons whose religious lives are marked by a growing hunger after God Himself. They are eager for spiritual realities and will not be put off with words, nor will they be content with correct “interpretations” of truth.

They are athirstfor God, and they will not be satisfied till they have drunk deep at the Fountain of Living Water. This is the only real harbinger of revival which I have been able to detect anywhere on the religious horizon. It may be the cloud the size of a man’s hand for which a few saints here and there have been looking. It can result in a resurrection of life for many souls and a recapture of that radiant wonder which should accompany faith in Christ, that wonder which has all but fled the Church of God in our day.

But this hunger must be recognized by our religious leaders. Current evangelicalism has (to change the figure) laid the altar and divided the sacrifice into parts, but now seems satisfied to count the stones and rearrange the pieces with never a care that there is not a sign of fire upon the top of lofty Carmel. But God be thanked that there are a few who care. They are those who, while they love the altar and delight in the sacrifice, are yet unable to reconcile themselves to the continued absence of fire. They desire God above all. They are athirst to taste for themselves the “piercing sweetness” of the love of Christ about Whom all the holy prophets did write and the psalmists did sing.

There is today no lack of Bible teachers to set forth correctly the principles of the doctrines of Christ, but too many of these seem satisfied to teach the fundamentals of the faith year after year, strangely unaware that there is in their ministry no manifest Presence, nor anything unusual in their personal lives. They minister constantly to believers who feel within their breasts a longing which their teaching simply does not satisfy.

I trust I speak in charity, but the lack in our pulpits is real. Milton’s terrible sentence applies to our day as accurately as it did to his: “The hungry sheep look up, and are not fed.” It is a solemn thing, and no small scandal in the Kingdom, to see God’s children starving while actually seated at the Father’s table. The truth of Wesley’s words is established before our eyes: “Orthodoxy, or right opinion, is, at best, a very slender part of religion. Though right tempers cannot subsist without right opinions, yet right opinions may subsist without right tempers. There may be a right opinion of God without either love or one right temper toward Him. Satan is proof of this."

From The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer

The quoted is from the preface, imagine how good the book is, you need to read it.

You can download it for free.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You want justice

Deep down, well maybe not even that deep, we all want justice for those responsible for the Boston bombings.  Some might call it revenge, but nobody wants to see the guilty party go free. We are mad, sad, angry and violated.  

I want you to stop for a moment and think about your transgression of God's law, and then tell me if you think He wants justice.  Well does He?  Does He demand justice for your lies, your stealing, your blasphemy, your idolatry? 

If you say "no" He does not want justice then what kind of God is He?  That He would give a law and allow you to break it with no penalty?  What kind of God is that, who demands obedience to His law, but doesn't care enough to punish the law breakers?  that would be an unjust God, so ignore him

If you say "yes", then how can you satisfy His righteous demand for justice?  He is not easily placated, His wrath is not finite.  So then, if His wrath towards transgressors is infinite, then how can we, finite creatures satisfy that wrath?

We can't, so then how can we stand before Him?  

Who gets justice?
Who gets non-justice?

Right Wingers Did It

Before any concrete evidence is in the public has been stroked to believe the horrible bombings in Boston was right wingers:  see the headline: Expert blames right-wing terrorists

What if the headline read: Experts blame Muslim Extremists OH MY what a stir that would cause . .  imagine what would be said about making judgments without the facts, the charges of racism, bigotry, intolerance and so on, would be in every major paper.   

Double standard? You decide

Sunday, March 31, 2013

it's a choice we all face

God made all things and is worthy of praise and worship; He has the rightful rule over His creation. He is the king but man rebelled against Him and followed his own desires.  God does not tolerate this rebellion and consequently upon death the rebels are rightly judged for their rebellion in conscious torment forever without end.  Not a fire that annihilates, but an emotional, physical and spiritual torment that can never be softened, shortened or stopped.  But God, because of His love, sent His Son into the world: the man Jesus Christ. Jesus always lived under God’s rule. Yet by dying in our place He took our punishment and brought forgiveness to all who would repent and believe. Then God raised Jesus to life again as the ruler of the world. Jesus has conquered death, now gives new life and will return to judge. Where does all this leave you?  It leaves you with a choice of only two ways to live, your way or God’s way; it’s a choice we all face.