Sunday, July 31, 2011

More on Richard . . .

I made a mistake in the last post, I said the story about Richard took place in the late 70's, well he died in 1984. I know because I found the actual video so you can watch it.  Be warned it is disturbing and what makes it so disturbing is the fact that it is true.  Wake up people and realize that evil is real and a very active part of our world and sometimes there are "innocent" victims like Richard.  I understand he was a sinner in need of salvation like you and I, but given his suffering I have to wander: was Richard used by God.  Also, I did not read the comments people made on the site linked above, so if there are inappropriate comments and bad words deal with it the best you can.

Connie and I are going to be working with messed up children that know the reality of evil and perversion in a way most, of any age, do not.  And guess what, they don't candy coat anything, they may swear, talk about sexual stuff, try to kill our animals, or us, or our children, they may take a giant poop right in front of our bedroom door in the middle of the night, they may publicly masturbate, scream and the list goes on.  These children will cope the best way they know how and most of the time their coping skills are not exactly pleasant to refined folks like us.  I know this because everything just listed above was told to us in our classes because they all happened.  Granted it is rare that a child will try to kill the foster parents or the foster parents children, but it has happened.

No need to chastise us for putting our family in danger, the age range we will be getting is birth-5 years old, and I think we can all handle a murderous 5 year old, but rest assured the agency will never put the foster family in danger. NEVER!  I totally trust the two ladies we will be dealing with, which brings me to another point, there are 2 people that handle the foster and adopting for a county of 73,894.  This is the case all through out the country, so before you complain about how bad the system is get the facts about your agency first.  Most of the time these people are way over worked and way under manned. Don't get me wrong the system is not perfect, but more on that later.

I will look over our notes from the classes and try to relay to you what is important, interesting or even humorous.  Believe it or not we laughed a lot during our classes and had our fair share of embarrassing discussions.  Think of every possible sexual word, act and scenario you can imagine, then write them on giant papers taped to the walls of your class room and then discuss them with strangers ( this is a good time to go back and read the description of our class), better yet explain what a _______________ is because some in the class don't know.  Yeah, pretty uncomfortable, but remember these classes were designed to prepare us for caring for a child who knows what a ____________ is because they did it or saw it.  Sometimes things aren't pretty are they?  Way more on what happened in those 36 hours later.

This post was mainly about the correction and film link, but I got off track. So why do you think the teacher started the very first night with such a disturbing film?  Comments appreciated.


  1. Probably because she wanted you to be aware of the reality some of these kids live in. Imagery like that is so powerful.. it sticks with you and stirs up compassion. You can't forget it. Like the manifesto of the Romanian Street Child I was telling you guys about. Some of those things, I'll never be able to forget.

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM

    First night -- because she wanted you to know what you were "getting into" from the very beginning ... to separate the wheat from the chaff. Just wanted you two to know that I am inspired by what you're doing, and I love reading about it. In a way, it takes me back to my own childhood, and yet gives me another perspective that I didn't have the advantage of understanding at the time -- what it's like to be on the other side (the giving side) of the fostering community. Great blog. (~yolanda~)

  3. Yolanda, thanks for reading please keep commenting, we appreciate your input because you have insight that will help us reach out to these children. We are the one's inspired by you!

  4. Yolanda, you really are an inspiration to us. Most of the classes we took were spent telling us about how messed up these children are and what types of things they experience. It makes you wonder "is there any hope for them?" BUT you and your story give us hope in what we are doing. Whatever we come across with these children, no matter what type of upheaval we have in our is worth it. There are lives at stake here and there is hope that they can come through childhood with " a hope and a future". Not only am I talking physical life, but more importantly spiritual life! We firmly believe all children are a gift from God and He doesn't make mistakes. If we make a difference for JUST is worth it.

  5. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Amen Connie ... I've enjoyed your blog (and I'm not normally a blog-reader type). I praise God for your calling and I am praying for you. (Donna)

  6. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Amen. It is definately worth it. =] (~yolanda~)


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