Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DO NOT, miss class!

I'm a teacher. I teach. It is what I do, and I pray that I will teach to His glory and your growth. At the risk of sounding cocky, conceited or arrogant I think God has given me the gift of teaching, well at least a desire to teach, but more importantly the desire to learn. I cannot possibly teach unless I am willing to admit I am ignorant on many issues and need educated. When you think about it educating is correcting ignorance, it is that simple. If I may be candid about the way I ended the last post let me say, "I did not like it." I feel somewhat embarrassed that I asked such an obvious question. Of course ~yolanda~ got it right, but did I need to ask that, really? But like I said, I am a teacher and that is why I ended with a question. It is mot so much that I ended with a question that bothered me, but that I ended with such a generic, canned-curriculum type question.

I will digress for a few sentences about canned curriculum, there are 66 books that we can teach, why don't we?  There are many canned curriculum's that are very good, but I find it strange that people write bible curriculum, package them and sell them for money.  Just think about the size of a Lifeway catalog.   I know it costs money to design, write, research and print the books and accessories, but something about all that feels "dirty" to me.  I cannot exactly put my finger on it, but for most of my life I have been a "dumb kid" and if God can equip me to teach His Word I believe He can do that for others as well.  I know how hard I struggled to learn in school, I know how hard I struggled to understand what I was reading, I know how hard it was for me to learn.  I know where I have come from and it is SOLELY because of God, Soli Deo Gloria.

The danger with these canned curriculum's is they are set up for anybody to "teach", kind of a "no experience necessary" philosophy and what we end up with is dead, boring teaching.  We are taking about God's Word which actually tells us not to aspire to be teachers because we will be judged more strictly, James 3:1 and Jesus says that if we cause one of the little one's to sin it would be better for us to be drowned in the sea, Luke 17:2, Mark 9:42.  Just because you bought a John Piper study doesn't make you John Piper, or a teacher for that matter, some of us have seen this very thing happen in our churches.  Are you called to teach, then teach, Romans 12:6-7.  Canned bible curriculum does not make you a teacher anymore than owning medical supplies makes you a doctor.

The same thought process is applicable with our classes .  The instructor was working from a state curriculum, but she knew her stuff because it was her life's passion.  She lived it, worked it, studied it, loved it and learned it.  Anybody could have taught the classes from the curriculum, but how much better it was to have our experienced teacher.

36 hours of class and we had to be there for ALL 36 hours. Do not come more than 15 minutes late because you will not be given credit. Do not miss a class or will have to make it up . . . in another county. But since our classes were Tuesdays and Thursdays and the other sessions were Mondays and Wednesdays we could not make class 901 on Wednesday because 901 was taught on Monday in the other county. No matter what we had to be there . . . every time, the whole time. And thanks to two women we were there.

When I finally started the process and decided we were going to start classes Connie posted a prayer request on Facebook, and God started working. His spirit moved the heart of a Godly, sweet single lady from our old church in Pittsburgh to watch our three children on Thursdays. The Tuesday child care was provided by another Godly, sweet, single lady from our current church, who, by the way, has two of her own children.

As an aside, every time I type "single lady" I start singing Beyoncé . . . . ugh, that's what hanging out with 1,100 teenagers, 40 hours per week will do to you, feel me homey . . . ?

Every Tuesday my wife would make dinner and we would take it and our children to the person's house and we would return to pick them up around 9:15. I cannot tell you what a blessing the sacrifice of our friend was. She is a single mom, at the time she was in school completing her degree and she volunteered to help. Do you think she was busy, do you think it was easy to have her tiny house invaded by our three energetic children?  Not really and I pray that God would bless her and her children right now for their service to Him.

Thursdays were also a day of God working!  Our dear friend from Pittsburgh arranged to leave work a little early on Thursdays so she could drive to our house, an hour away, to help us fulfill what God called us to do.  She would stay over night and then drive all the way back in for work on Friday!  What a testimony of grace! She never once complained or showed anything but joy when she was here.  She was, and still is, a blessing to our family.

Thank you God for these two women.

If I may get a tad bit salty, what happened here?  Did God only move two people to help or did only two people respond in faith?  For some reason God does allows us to say no to the spirit, we can be disobedient to the call of the Spirit and I have done it.  In fact I did it with the call to teach His Word, I said no thank you I do not want that responsibility, I am bad enough I don't need James 3:1 to make my life more scrutinized.  And then James goes on to talk about controlling our speech, does that include blogging?

However we cannot say no to the Spirit when He calls us unto salvation, because what we do not realize is that when He calls us to salvation, we are already saved.  Because He has given us the desire to choose Him we have no choice but to say YES!  We come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ only after our names is written in the lamb's book of life.  And by the way our name was written before the foundation of the world.

I am happy to say we did in fact finish all of our classes, but as long as we remain licensed foster parents we will have to continue taking some classes.

I am out of time, typed way too fast and did not proof read! Hope you enjoyed it!


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