Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When are the kids coming?

A short update without anything that will offend you or make you think I am insane, and from looking at the stats the you is my wife, but just in case here goes:

Before we can have children placed with us we have complete many tasks and buy/acquire some things.  The background checks are done and most of the other papers they need are done, like pay stubs, utility bills, bank account information and so on, we did have some beds donated by a sweet couple! THANK YOU! but we still need:

fire inspection, by the way remember when Elvis "bit" the neighbor's kid and 432 emergency vehicles showed up and the sheriff had to calm the dad down?  Well that dad is the fire chief.
we need to complete ELEVEN, that is (11) pages of questions
we need to buy about a dozen trigger locks
we need to buy an ammo box that locks
we need to buy a fire extinguisher
we need to buy gates for the stairs, unless the gates we have will work
we need to buy some closet organizers to free up bedroom space
we need to buy a screen for one of the windows
we need to build a locking box to hold a cross bow
we need to install one more smoke detector
we need to child proof the house
we need to find a way to lock certain chemicals, in and out of the house
we need to find all the parts of the three car seats we have, or buy some
we need to acquire a crib, an approved crib (which I think is being donated)
we need to talk to someone about being our emergency contact
we need to find someone who will watch all the children, once per month (when we have kids placed here) so Connie and I can spend about 2-4 hours per month on a date.  This is VERY VERY VERY VERY important, if our marriage is not healthy the rest will fall apart.  We are committed to the children but our marriage comes before them, God, Marriage, Family

I am sure that list is partial and with about a week of summer left I am feeling overwhelmed, and of course Connie just keeps on going . . . .


  1. Anonymous12:07 AM

    How many sets of stairs do you have in your home? Also, what kind of baby-proofing items do you need? ...We have a bunch of stuff left over.

  2. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Sorry -- that was Yolanda. I keep forgetting to post my name!

  3. Dear anonymous, we have one in the house,and I think the stairs on the deck might need a gate. They are like 8' wide so I hope we do not need a gate. We have to locate the hardware for the gates we have, so we may be ok. We will let you know and thanks for reading and offering!!!


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