Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Actual Update

To no surprise I have hijacked our blog, and now it is more than just adoption related stuff and I hope my wife is cool with that, I am sure she is, as this blog is not really her thing.

Sometimes, many times in fact, I ask myself: if I can send 30 minutes blogging, have I done enough with my wife and children, have I  spent enough time in prayer and in the Word?  The many, many cares of this world so easily entangle us and we get ourselves worked up over things that really are little.  With that said, I will update you quickly on the adoption process.

We have all completed the medical part, physicals.  Well I have to get my blood work done and then I will be done, but the form was filled out, so I guess I am done with that part.

We have sent in our almost 40 pages of answers to the 11 pages of questions, gee I wonder whose answers were longer . . .  .

We have procured a bed, and I need to go get the other one from an old friend.

We still need a CO detector, trigger locks (about 12) and a crib, so if you have any of those items let me know.

I also have to find all of the hardware that goes with the car seats, and I hope I can find it or else I have to try to buy it, or get new car seats.  However I will first try the manufacturer and see if they will send the hardware for free.

I still have to build a lockable box for the crossbow and gun ammo and I think I have everything to complete it.

I have put up a lockable cabinet in the basement for all of our veterinary supplies and child proof the house, drawers, plugs and so on.

I have to mount the fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink.

I need to call the fire department, in fact I will do it right now . .  . hold on. Ok my local city said they can't do it since I live outside the city limits, so I just called the township trustee, he is calling me back.  As a side note the whole township trustee thing is new and kind of strange to me, not sure if we had township trustees in our old place of residence.

References are being completed by our friend's from all over the country.

Of course we need an official home inspection.

And that just about does it . . .  for now.  For me the hard part is getting all of these things done while doing the rest of life and frankly I am overwhelmed right now, and so is my awesome, hot wife.  I am tired, emotional and barely keeping myself from having a good, healthy crying spell.  It's all good though because I need to be reminded that I rely on God, not myself or my wife.  God is gracious to bring the waters to my neck and not farther, He always rescues us at the right time, Psalm 69.

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