Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kids, Dogs, Snow and Emergency Lights


Dogs, have gone through our house pretty quick as of late and it it all started with our Chocolate Lab Elvis. 

Some of you heard my sermon where I used naming a dog as an illustration.  Then preaching a few weeks later I preached again and clarified that the dog we went to pick up, the subject of the illustration,  a female black lab named Bella, turned out to be a MALE black lab, something I discovered once I got "Bella" home.  Well, to make matters even more comical someone connected to our church took "Bella" renamed "Henry" by us, and promptly named him:

I know, funny right?  

Well I wish I had more time to get in to all of the Henry, Prissy, Elvis and puppies stories because they are filled with some crazy happenings and incredible grace!  If you desire to hear any of those sermons let me know, I can post them here, I think.

Back to Elvis.  Last winter my two children were sled riding in the field withe the neighbor's children and Elvis was with them.  The fact that they were all together was interesting, as a few months prior my children were told, by the neighbor, they were not allowed at the house because one of them had put mud on their dog "Sparky"  The dog that barks ALL night and stays OUTSIDE, so really dude?  Mud on the dog?  And who knows what kid it was because they were having a mud fight!  Anyway, I am sure there was more to the conversation, but suffice it to say there was a minor riff between us and them.  Our kids stayed away and their kids stayed away, even though they all played great together, we were bummed out. 

The kids are sled riding, we are watching them and they are having fun. A little later one of my sons comes in the house and says that "Joey" was knocked over by Elvis and he got scared, "Joey" was 3 at the time.  I asked if he was OK and my son said yes, I asked if there was any injury, he said no, I asked if he got bitten, he said no, I asked if there was blood, he said no.  Thank God I thought, Elvis was a big boy and very strong, so even when he played it was a bit heavy.  

About 20 minutes later there were about 8-10 emergency vehicles at my neighbor's house, flashing lights and all, the ambulance took "Joey" to the ER.  WOW! I thought. My son must be blind, so I grilled him again, same responses.  Well at one point "Joeys" dad "Joe" was just standing in the field staring at my house, I figured he wanted to fight my house, or perhaps he was concerned about something on my roof, maybe he was trying to use some ancient meditation to curse my house?  I am not 100% sure, but I think he was mad and wanted to fight me and I never entertained the idea of going out there.  It was too cold too fight, plus I got beat up once while fighting in snow, it was too hard to get a grip on my opponent, so I opted to stay inside my warm house and continue fixing my wife's mixer.

Of course we all talked about the Elvis incident and wondered what really happened, but we did not wonder long, as the dog warden showed up at our door.  I was very upset when she said that "Joey" was "all tore up", I thought the worse and was now very concerned.  I asked if she had seen the boy, she said no!  Hmmmm, so how do you know he was "all tore up"? Cell phone pictures!  Really, cell phone pictures?  Can I see them?  NO, because they are on "Joe's" phone, so the dog warden only saw a cell phone pic.  I will spare all of the other drama that went on that night, but the dog warden told me that "Joe" was so upset that they had to call the sheriff to calm him down and that it would be better that I give him time: call tomorrow.

I called the next day after seeking counsel from my brother and talked with "Joe" he was still a bit torqued, but cordial nonetheless.  He went on about how it was vicious attack, how our dogs run everywhere, how he will shoot my dog if it comes back to his house, what about the medical bills . . .  and so on.   I listened, BIT MY TONGUE, and remembered Proverbs 15:1 while I listened.  There were many, many other facets of this case that I have left out, but can you see that the relationship between "Joe" and I was not good.

Also, "Joey" had no stitches, and only a little glue behind his ear and I saw "Joey" a few days later and he showed me his wounds, but I could not see them as they were small, or not there. No doubt the boys was scared, not doubt he had some injury, but from what I saw there was no need for the VFD to show up with an ambulance.

Eventually, I gave Elvis away, we installed an invisible fence and I filled "Sparky's" bowl with antifreeze in the middle of the night.  Just kidding.

Great story isn't it, there is much more to the drama of this all, but can you see the tension that now exists between us?  I do not want to diminish the anger "Joe" had towards me, he kid got hurt and he was mad.  I totally understand that and he was in fact cordial, even polite on the phone.

As part of our licensing process for the county we have to have a fire inspection, and if you read my post on all of this you will find the details about the fire inspection and that I had to call my local fire department.

I called the fire chief yesterday, as I was told to after taking to the trustee, to schedule the inspection and the call began like this:

"Hi "Joe" it's your neighbor Zeek  . . . 


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