Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wear Your Pink For Breast Cancer! And Help A Baby Die?

I really don't have the time to make a good post about this, as I am grading projects, but today I am one of the few NOT wearing pink.  For those of you who are Amish, or just clueless, October is breast cancer awareness month and to support the cause many folks are wearing pink.  There are two problems with the "Passionately Pink For A Cure" movement.  The first problem is called "pinkwashing" and is not a huge concern of mine, but for you marketing folks you should pay attention to what the Susan G. Komen people have done to market their "pink" products.

The second problem is the fact that the Susan G. Komen foundation gives money to Planned Parenthood, which we all know encourages abortion and contraceptives.  However, according to the Komen foundation, the money they donate to Planned Parenthood has strings attached, they say the money is only to be used for breast-services.  I hope you read the above link, if not read it now.  Now, here is the question:  Do you believe them?  I cannot answer that question for you, but I wonder how much money has been donated to Planned Parenthood, and for how long and then I want to look at the 139,000 exams and 5,000 mammograms and see if the numbers divide out and make sense.  

Finally there is debate about how the "medications" that Planned Parenthood provides actually harms women's health in relation to breast cancer.  I cannot expound on all of this right now, and I probably will not in the future, but I ask you to WAKE up and pay attention.  The World is sucking many Christians in and causing them to stumble.  Do you think God will accept your ignorance of the issues, in this case the Komen issues, and say:  "That's OK  you didn't know."  Does God require anything for "unintentional" sins?  See Leviticus 4:2-3

Finally, my point is this:  instead of be tossed to and fro by the world, or going your own way, pay close attention to where you give your money.  Do not blindly go along with the latest charity, fad or campaign.  Just be careful to do your research before adopting a cause, especially a cause that started in the world.   I suggest that you will never go wrong giving to your local, bible believing church.  It is biblical to take care of God's Church and God's people, BEFORE we take care of the world, now find the scripture and leave it as a comment.


  1. i'm glad you posted about this. i don't particularly believe them about where their money goes. even if they're telling the truth, they're still helping the organization that helps kill people. not a fan.


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