Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Women Should Stay Home . . . if possible?

I have been thinking through this all week and just sat and listened at our men's group as they discussed marriage issues.  I did not say a single word, imagine that!!!  I was really in deep thought about the topic of my last blog post, which you MUST read for this post to make sense, and after talking to some different people, one having written his PhD. dissertation on the roles of men and women, I sort of softened my statement.  I said to the men two weeks ago that it was biblically wrong for a wife to work outside the home, and I think that is too strong.  I said this in my last post:

How do we as Christians, look any different from the world when the roles of men and women are not seen as unique and distinct?  With all of "that" said, I cannot look at "Bobby and Susie" and tell them they are in sin because Susie works full time, that is between them and The Lord. But if they are not willing to look in to the Word to see what God says about their roles, then THAT IS SIN and there is my major problem with this whole topic.  Many Christians are just too lazy, selfish and/or busy to "worry about those issues", after all they are not salvation issues, as if the only issues that matter are "admit, believe, confess."   I'm not acting Holier than thou, or overly pious, I know this is hard, I know the struggles, but I know that God's way is the best way.  Easy NO, but the best, YES.

I think that paragraph is the key here for two reasons, number one:  it is between them and the Lord and secondly the unwillingless of some to look in to the Word is sin.  I think what got me so fired up  was the lackluster, blase' attitude toward the whole topic and this is my problem, not anyone else's.  Just because I am so strong on this issue doesn't make it a litmus test for "true Christianity" or another gospel,  and I am keenly aware of this.  As a teacher, both professionally and in the church, part of my personality is caught up in the classic teacher-student struggle.  Remember the teacher that you used to get SO MAD because you did not love math, or chemistry?  They would get so torqued because you were not all jumpn' 'round because of lewis dot strutctures or the quadratic formula, ya know that teacher, remember them?  That is me, I want my students to be AS EXCITED about "whatever" as I am. I also want my brothers in Christ to be AS EXCITED as I am about what God's Word says about our roles as men and women, but maybe that attitude is what makes a teacher. 

With all of that said I want to close by saying:  If a wife works outside the home it should be with the intent of her NOT working outside the home.  A women's PRIMARY role is working at home, raising the children, feeding the family and teaching younger women how to love and submit to their husbands.  There are seasons in life that the wife MUST work, but if the husband is not doing everything to enable her to be at home, I believe that is lazy and sinful.  If I am wrong please show me how I am wrong, from scripture, I would love to talk with you.
I will pose these very difficult questions to ALL working wives: 

Does your income really matter, DOES IT REALLY MATTER, or is it simply to maintain your more than simple lifestyle? 

Can you honestly say that there is NO WAY you could live on just his salary?  This one is tough for me because I know what I make and I know others that make twice what I do and I have children at home, but I do not know your situation, but something tells me your life is just too easy to give up the second income. 

How far are you willing to go to live according to God's role, will you drop the cell phone, the cable, the car payment, the clothing, the hair dye, the eating out . . .  you know following has a cost and it is not too late to count it.

Are you hungry for career and prestige because you think staying at home is a "waste of your gifts"?

Are you working for a reason other than money and is that reason healthy?

Is your job causing you to not fulfill your responsibility at home and in the church?  Remember you are to train the younger women, Titus 2:4-5, can you do that Wednesday nights and Sundays?  Do you have a Titus 2 ministry that your daughter will emulate?

If I have made you mad you are probably a working wife trying to defend your work.  if I have not made you mad you are my wife, my daughters, in agreement or apathetic and think we have evolved past that old way of thinking.

It doesn't matter to me, but please, please, search the word to find out what God says, start here:

Proverbs 31:10-12, 1 Timothy 5:14 and Titus 2:4-5.


  1. Certainly not mad! Love you for sacrificing so that I can fulfill my role!


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