Thursday, November 10, 2011

Any Truth Here?

This is from an email exchange between me and a dear brother . . . . I said:

There is a fallacy that a women is "wasting" her gifts by not developing them in a career and that is wrong and an assault on what God has designed for men and women. To think that a women is wasting her gifts by not using and developing them in a career outside the home is to say that staying home is a second rate, menial job that brings a women down. VERY FEW in the church universal give proper due to homemakers. I would say that when a man does not do EVERYTHING he possibly can to enable his wife to fulfill her primary, God given role he is in sin. To make matters worse many men have in fact told their wives to get a job, after all they are a helper . . . right? Too many men have PROSTITUTED their wives to the world in order to maintain, or attain, a lifestyle that is beyond the biblical mandate of quite, peaceful and simple. I pray that I never have to look at my wife and say: "honey, we are moving in to an apartment because we cannot make it here and I am not prostituting you so that we can live in luxury." If men had that kind of attitude the church might actually look different than the world.


  1. I pray you never have to say that to me either....but that would be far better to hear than "Honey, you have to go to work so that we can maintain our lifestyle." Thank You!

  2. seriously, an apartment isn't cheaper. we just found out our rent is going up $72 at the end of our lease! needless to say, we're moving.

  3. OK maybe I should have said, we will get rid of all the animals and stay here. Hope you find place you both like.


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