Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Penn State Scandal is not a SEX SCANDAL

Quick rant and maybe more to follow . . . 
What happened at PSU is not as the media has named it: A SEX SCANDAL!  This is a CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE case.  A sex scandal would be Joe Paterno and his starting center having a homosexual relationship, or maybe even the athletic director having an affair with the president's wife, those would be SEX SCANDALS if they ever happened.

So lets call it what it is and stop softening this case so we find it more digestible.  A man is accused of sexual intercourse with a young boy, that is not a sex scandal,  it is rape, molestation and abuse.   The more we downplay these cases as "sex scandals" the more apt we will be to normalize and accept them, it may take another 50 years, but there are groups of people that are trying to make "man-boy love" legal. Although right now those groups are few. In fact I seem to remember a Supreme Court ruling about the North American Man Boy Love Association, not sure though and I am too afraid to google it.


Keep it classy . . .