Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Real Update

OK, there, well by God's grace we were given a crib!  A generous family from our church saw the need and stepped up. 

 Also on the fire inspection we still have not worked that out, I had some things to do before he came over.  In fact I am going to call him later today.  

We just found out I have to fill out more papers for background checks in the state of my employment, so there is more time and money added to the process.  

Also my wife and I have been discussing how we will handle church for a foster child.  The law states that we must take the child to the parent's place of choice, if there is one, but should we?  What if the parent's say the child must go to a mosque, a synagogue or a Unitarian church . . . . should we?  Comments please!

What if the parents are catholic?  

What if they are Southern Baptists and want the child to go to their church?

Comments please . . . 


Keep it classy . . .