Saturday, December 24, 2011

All Divorce Is Wrong

God hates sin, He tells us to go and sin no more. He never tells us to go and sin, he never tells us it is OK to covet your neighbor's wife if your wife has become unattractive, or to partake in coarse joking in order to reach the lost, or to visit whore houses to witness to the prostitutes.

God hates sin and never allows ANY exception that will permit us to sin, when God hates something He always hates it and never permits it "free of charge". 

We say God hates divorce, but then we say ...  bbbbut it says, except for adultery, really?  Does it say that?  The exception clause is found only in Matthew, a Gospel written to Jews who understood betrothal laws.

Look at the Word and let it teach you, it seems that all but two scriptures tell us: do not get divorced.  So how do you interpret the two Matthew passages?  Easy, those passages are about what happens when a divorce takes and those involved remarry.  It does not say anything about divorce being OK in the case of adultery.  What it says is that when you divorce and remarry the sin of adultery is committed, so that means if I divorce my wife because she is mean, mentally ill and homicidal, and one (or both) of us remarry we have committed adultery.

BUT, if I divorce my wife because she had sex with another man (or women, or animal)  then she is already guilty of adultery and I have not made her commit adultery (remarriage is always the assumption).  This is why it says to the men: whoever marries a divorced women commits adultery.  What we see then, is that when a man divorces a women and she remarries you have made her an adulteress, except in the case of her committing adultery on her own. Read Matthew 5:31-32 like this:

but I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife makes her commit adultery (except for the reason of unchastity, in other words except in cases where she has in fact committed sexual sin) and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.(this is for the men so that they don't get a free pass to marry divorced women)

So in reality the "vaunted exception clause" is about how divorce results in adultery, unless adultery lead to the divorce in the first place.

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