Friday, January 6, 2012

God Hates (unredeemed) Sinners

We must understand the wrath and justice of God, before we can live in the peace and mercy of God. The word gospel means good news, and good news means nothing unless I have received bad news. If my doctor calls me one day and says, just wanted to let you know you don’t have ovarian cancer, I’m not going to be all jumping for joy am I? I’m going to be like: Gee doc, thanks for telling me I do not have ovarian cancer, didn’t know I, a male, could get ovarian cancer because I don’t have ovaries! But thanks for the encouragement, I guess.

Why do so many well intentioned Christians go around telling lost, sinful hell bound people that their sins are forgiven when they are not? Telling a reprobate, heathen, non-believer that there sins are forgiven doesn’t matter to them because they don’t think they even have a problem. Just like me when my doctor tells me I don’t have ovarian cancer. Well thanks for telling me I don’t have a problem, I know I don’t have. The good news of redemption and justification means absolutely nothing to someone unless they are convinced that they need redeemed and justified. Therefore the Gospel begins with bad news, namely that you are going to hell because you are a sinner. Quit helping non-saved people go to hell by neglecting to tell them they are going to hell because they are sinners. God does not hate the sin and love the (unredeemed) sinner, He hates them both, which is why the person suffers in hell. Their sin does not suffer in hell apart from their consciousness, they, the person, the human soul is what suffers in hell. Where does the bible say that God hates the sin but loves the sinner before they are saved?


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