Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 children on the way now

As I write this Connie is on way home with 2 kids who go lfet at daycare p;eaep pray

There ya have it, the above is what I was trying to type and it was in a hurry!

We were on the way home from church, I was following Connie because she met me at church because I had an appointment in Washington and it was easier for her to just meet me at church and then we were going to switch cars.  She was going to go home, but she figured why not stay for prayer meeting.  On the way home she called me to inform me that she just got a call from the on-call emergency social worker.  There were two children that got left at daycare, they tried getting mom but could not, tried other family members and, well lets just say that didn't work out.

So here we are, tired, emotional and on a weird surreal high, ya know this is just . . .  unreal.  That was before these two kids came into the picture.  Now we are just . . .  I have no words.  But let me say this is ministry, this is gospel work, this is James 1:27 and we know the He will bless the work.

I want to cry, but can't because I know we are doing this for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the One who picked me up and took me in and adopted me.  We are blessed.  Tired and emotional for sure, but blessed.

We just got licensed yesterday! 

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