Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I almost cried at work.

When he got to heaven he said to Jesus:
When did I see you hungry?
When did I see you thirsty?
When did I see you naked?
When did I see you a stranger and invite you in?
When did I see you sick?
When did I see you in prison and visit you?

To which Jesus replied, whatever you did for the least of these you did for me.

I cannot, get that out of my head and I dare say that we (Connie and I) will hear Jesus say to me: "What you did for "Terry" you did for me."

Let me give you the Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF), Terry need us and he needs us now. I spoke with Connie today after she spoke with the social worker handling Terry's case, she is the one who knows everything about the whole situation.  The mom is young, under 20 and dad not much older and it looks like they are on a path that will not end well, UNLESS Christ intervenes.  

There are three letters that we never want to hear when dealing with foster children and they are R_A_D.  Those three letters mean, Reactive Attachment Disorder and basically what that means is that the child will not bond with anybody.  These children lack empathy, they have no emotion about hurting people and animals.  They will smile as they burn a dog alive, then go back to watching Dora, they simply do not have the capacity to empathize .  If you want you can look it up, it aint perdy.  Well, our little fellow has hit the window of bonding, which is from 3-6 months and if he does not bond with someone soon he may never bond, and become a RAD kid and be faced with a battle that is most difficult.

This little baby is all alone in a room, by himself interacting with many different people many times per day and he has to bond with someone, and now.  The nurses simply cannot hold him for 30 minutes and talk to him everyday.  Although they may do that during feedings, it is not the same person and therefore no bonding.

Somehow we need to get to Terry as much as possible to hold him and talk to him.  That is all it takes, just hold him and talk to him, isn't that sad that no one is there to hold a baby in a loving, deliberate way?  It breaks my heart to know that this little baby simply needs time and touch, and we will give it.  

The next several weeks are going to be a strain on me, my wife, our children and our church. We are trying to come up with a plan to get to Terry as much as possible and right now I will be going after work two days per week and Connie will be going two days per week, one of those days with the kids.  We intend on spending at least 30 minutes talking to him and holding him.  

I know what you are thinking.  How will Connie do this?  She homeschools.  Well we need some creative solutions here, so please let us have your ideas. I think one of the days (Wednesdays) I may have Connie drop off me and the kids off somewhere near church, as many members live close, and then just have them drive us to church and then Connie will swing by on the way home from the hospital.  I also think that one day (Friday?) she will go down with the kids, but I think she may need some help while at the hospital, ANY TAKERS?

Well here is what I know:  A little boy needs, time and touch and it looks like God has placed this opportunity in our hands.  

Should we waste it because of the inconvenience it will cause? It will take time, money (gas is not cheap), energy and wisdom, all the while we need to be certain to NOT NEGLECT Judah, Jeremiah and Mercy and run a hobby farm.  UGH, can we do it? NOPE, NO WAY, NO HOW.
 . . .  But we know a Guy


  1. not just A know THE GUY! we're praying.


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