Thursday, February 23, 2012

I met 2 angels at work today

I wonder if God’s dictionary has the word coincidence in it.  I say that tongue-in-cheek obviously, but I must share this with you all.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays a group of Christian students come to my room to pray, this has been going on for about 10 years, and YES it is legal.  As you can imagine there is always a core group of 2-4 kids that always show up.  About 3 weeks ago a new boy showed up, then about a week ago a new girl showed up.  I have never seen them before.

This morning they were in my room, we were just chatting about stuff and I asked if they would pray for us and I told them why.  The girl said, “I’m a foster kid, what you are doing is such a blessing.”
Then the (new) boy said “Really I am too, I am adopted any my adoptive family is currently fostering 6 kids.”
I talked a little more with them and the girl said “All you have to do is show them you care.”  I said is that really all it takes and she said yes, just care.

Then they all gathered for prayer, and I heard this young girl pray this:

“Dear Lord we know all things come from you, good and bad, but we know that it always works for good.”

Where did this girl come from?  How does she, a foster child,  separated from her siblings, alone and in her first placement, know that God works all things for good?  Who taught her these truths?  Why was that boy in the prayer group, a product of the “system” who knows the love of a caring Christian family.

After they finished praying I asked the girl a little more about her situation, and I said, “We want to show them the love of Christ.”  

And she got this big smile, and in a cute teenage way, she kind of tucked her chin down the side, lifted one leg in a sort of “curtsey”, almost as if I was talking about a boy she has a crush on, and she said:

When you show them the Love of Christ you are showing them you accept them, just like Christ accepted us.

God two angels to me today.
Thank you.


  1. Wow, thank you God!

  2. wow indeed. i'm crying as i read right now. God is so good. So good we can't even comprehend the scope of His love for us. if we could show even a billionth of His love to someone else, imagine what a different environment we could build. if even a few more believers had the same love that you have, we could really do some good for this broken world.

  3. WOW! That is just amazing to see how God works. Praying for you and thank you for sharing!


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