Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Prayer

Dear Lord, make our desire your desire and do with us as you will, for your Glory.  We want to do what you want us to do, so please, Lord, through your Word, Prayer and Spirit protect us from committing yet more sin as we continue to press on with Terry.  You have tested us and showed us our sinful hearts and attitudes, you have showed me my folly, pride and wrong motives. Now I (we) wait as an empty man, waiting for you to fill me with the truth of your desire so that we will joyfully do your work.  Father in heaven keep me from being more concerned about man, than about You, it is a place I wish to leave because pleasing You is more important than pleasing man.  Lord Jesus it matters not what our friends and family think because they are not our judge, so help us to fix our eyes on Jesus . . .  so that we will not lose heart.


Keep it classy . . .