Saturday, March 31, 2012

What does grace require?

Since last week I have been thinking about this statement:
Grace requires  _______
You fill in the blank with anything you want and it will never be true or make sense.  If grace REQUIRED anything it would cease to be grace.  As Piper says in response to "o to grace how great a debtor" from the hymn Come Thou Fount, grace does not create debt it erases it, to which I heartily agree.  

Also, Jesus Paid it All, All to Him I owe

REALLY? Think about it, if Jesus did pay it all for you, why are you trying to pay Him back?  Think about this: YES He paid it all, all of our debt was paid IN FULL by His death, burial and resurrection.  The price He paid was, and is, greater than what we could ever pay back and trying to pay Him back is an insult to Him.  

In fact we owe Him nothing, nothing at all and He doesn't want it, need it or command it.  When  a friend pays your $10,000.00 credit card bill because he wants to out of love for you and you try to pay him back by helping him all the time, cleaning his gutters, fixing his cars, buying him things, giving him gifts and other things, that will eventually strip him of the joy of paying your debt!  Since we owe Jesus nothing, what are we to do?

WORSHIP HIM and tell people about Him, now THAT is what brings Him glory and joy!  Pointing people to a savior that pays your eternal sin debt is what His salvation should cause us to do.

In a sense we do "owe" Him all, but not that kind of "owe", because we cannot repay Him, and when He paid our debt it was not a loan!


Keep it classy . . .