Sunday, December 16, 2012

Evil in Connecticut

I have read way too many articles about the shooting that took place in Newton, Connecticut and of course everyone is asking: why.  A good question with a simple answer that will not help you understand why, but will help you know why.  Quite simply the answer comes from Genesis 6:5 which says: The LORD saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.

There you go, the answer is that the human race is evil, but strangely I have not read any mainstream article that has offered evil as the answer.  God could have stopped the whole situation from happening, He could have simply made the shooter die before anyone died, He could have done a number of things that He chose not to do, but is He less Holy for it, less worthy of praise and worship, less Lord?  Will you turn just a little more away from God because you are mad at Him for not stopping the evil?  Will you tell God He is a child killer, will you tell God that you had a better plan that did not include killing small children and adults? Will you?  If you say yes, then I bet your plan would have never included the murder of the perfect Man, Jesus!  I am glad you don't call the shots.

The anger at the injustice of the murder of children is a good thing, it shows that we value justice and life.  I wonder if you have the same anger, grief, sadness and despair on Good Friday when we contemplate the murder of Jesus. 

Friends, the evil we read about in Connecticut has nothing to do with Bushmaster, Glock or Sig Sauer.  It has nothing to do with laws, assault weapons bans or legislation, it has to do with evil.  Do you think the shooter would have broken 10 more laws in order to carry out his deadly attack?  Would he have thought: "Gee Wally, there is a law that says I can't have a gun near a school, so I won't do it."  Obviously not, and so many people think that laws will prevent murder and crime.  I would say that  those people are disconnected from the reality of evil.

Finally, this is where good theology becomes practical.  If you think theology is only for professors, pastors and bearded Sunday School teachers you are wrong and that is why you can't make "sense" of something like a mass shooting.  Theology is always practical.  I am not suggesting that good theology will allow you, or me, to skip through life while we laugh at the suicide of a loved, or the paralyzing of an 8 year old, or the loss of employment, or your sucky marriage, or your wayward child, or your abusive spouse, or the molestation of your child, or the murder of your 6 year old.  What I am saying is: good theology will give you a solid foundation that you can stand on without sinking, so that, although in despair and grief, you can only sink so low because your life is built on something solid.  

Are you sinking? 


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