Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa is not real.

This article prompted me to write this post.  We don't "do" santa at our house we "do", Jesus. What we are told about santa is this:
He sees you when your sleeping
He knows if you've been bad or good
He's making a list, and checking it twice, he's gonna find out if your naughty or nice
If you're good he brings you stuff, If you are bad he does not
He can do supernatural things, like fly to every house in the world while you sleep
You will never see him, but trust me he is real
If you ask him for a certain toy, and you've been good, you will get it

What we are told about God:
He sees you when your sleeping
He knows if you've been bad or good
He's making a list, and checking it twice, he's gonna find out if your naughty or nice (but He doesn't need to check twice)
If you're good he brings you stuff (blessings) If you are bad he does not
He can do supernatural things, like fly to every house in the world while you sleep (or heal someone)
You will never see him, but trust me He is real

Ok, so to you "christian" parents out there, do not be surprised when your youngsters feel like you betrayed them, and lied to them when they find out that Santa is not real and you LIED to them, because after all you did.  Oh, and when your youngsters question the existence of God, because He seems very similar to santa, don't be shocked. 

The truth is: santa is not real and as adults we all know it, but some of you willingly lie to your children so you can fill them with a sense of magic, awe, wonder, excitement . . . .but I dare say that nothing is more magical, filled with awe and wonder and excitement than God.  How would you like to get a gift from a stranger, what  kind of value is there in that?  Don't you think your kids would rather get gifts from you, because you love them, and take pleasure in their joy, rather than gifts from some strange guy?  


  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Santa is not real?????? Darn!
    Although I agree with you to a point...
    I grew us waiting for Santa..
    Had so much fun when my Uncle Chuck, the Postmaster, dressed up as Santa and brought our presents in a mail bag....
    Then I got big enough to learn that is was all a farce....
    BUT...I couldn't believe any more deep in my spirit that Jesus Chirst is alive and lives in me...
    Never doubted that....
    Because the Holy Spirit burned that truth in my heart...

    Did I lie to my kids...???...Yup....
    Do I tell them about Jesus...???...Yup

    But it is the Holy Spirit who sears their souls....

    None of my children rejected Christ because of Santa..
    None can be lost who God has given a name.

    just sayin' .... :)

  2. True, that none can be lost, but shouldn't we model telling the truth, instead of perpetuating a lie? "Do I lie to my kids . . .? Yup. . . " read that again.

    1. Anonymous10:27 AM

      For all have sinned and fall short....

  3. yes, all have sinned and fall short, but that isn't a license to willfully continue in sin

  4. Anonymous10:44 AM

    True...but honestly, every year I dread the coming of Christmas....this one won't come because we have a tree, that one won't come because of anti-Santa folks , another does not like , as Richie said, the blue pews. You choose to not lie about Santa, that makes you a better Christian than me. When I stand before Jesus He will ask me, "You couldn't love Me enough to be truthful about Santa?'

  5. Anonymous10:52 AM

    But if it makes you feel any better about me...I don't do Halloween...:)

  6. This is simply friendly sparring, I will never cause a fuss about Santa in class or at church. It is certainly not an issue worth dividing over, or losing friends over, I think it is a fun debate. You have to at least grant that the very heart of it willful lying, is it not? And not the kind of lying that that Christians did while hiding Jews in Germany. Lying about santa really has no good, valid, Christian reason. It's not that I am anti-santa, as much as I am anti-lying. If I choose not to lie about santa then that is simply one less sin I committed. When we stand before Jesus we will not have to account for our sins, thanks God!

  7. Halloween . .. . we LOVE it

  8. I usually dress up as the easter bunny, the tooth fairy or santa . . .

  9. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Bahahahah....truly, what may have sounded scornful was just as you said, sparring....But I was honest when I said I ddread the Christmas "thing"....because, the debates about Santa/no Santa takes our eyes off of Jesus. I am very careful to ask childern "Did you find any presents?", never mentioning or supporting Santa...and at the same time, I wd hope no one ran up to my G-kids and said' "Hey! There is no Santa! And G-ma lies!"....But I did wonder..did your parents tell you about Santa?...And If they did, did you need to make a conscious effort to forgive them?....Still...not supporting that a lie is good...but admitting....I lie.....just as I pretended to be suprized when the 3 yr old class made a suprise birthday party for me on WedNite...I can't defend my lie as OK...only admit that I do....

  10. I too am careful like you are. Well my parents did do santa, and I don't remember when the truth came out. The very idea of santa takes our eyes off Jesus. So instead of me buying gifts for my children to celebrate THE GREATEST GIFT EVER, they get gifts from some mythical figure, based on how well they behaved, so the story normally goes anyway. But, Jesus gives the greatest gift without us having to meet any condition, regardless of our behavior! Now, isn't THAT something worth telling our kids? I don't think this particular issue is simply about santa, it is really about lying and that is why I like to discuss the issue. Scripture is clear that lying is wrong, and telling a child that santa is real, is a lie, and that in and of itself is tacit approval of a lie. Albeit by silence you are still supporting the perpetuation of a lie. . . simply by telling the lie! Santa should be dismissed as ". . . irreverant, silly myths." 1 Timothy 4:7 Causing a fight at church about a Christmas tree, or blue pews, has nothing to do with the prescriptive commands of scripture. I would say you pretending to be surprised by your b-day party was out of love for the children, as a way to express your gratitude towards them for throwing you a party! In other words, it is like finding out (years later once you are grown) that when your Dad asked you for help fixing the tractor, he really didn't need your help at all, but made you feel like he did . . . now that is a sweet moment, saturated with love. I just can't see how that can be the case with telling kids santa is real. The thing is I know your grandkids are getting Jesus at Christmas, but so many other kids only get santa and gifts . . . that is sad!

  11. Anonymous1:02 AM

    True, again, some get only Santa and gifts, that is sad. But your statement, "Albeit by silence you are still supporting the perpetuation of a lie." what do you suggest? I was going to say that the truth is I lied about Santa 40 years ago...But now you challange that.
    Let's see... I just did a study on Mary, from the announcement, to losing Jesus. One of my favorite verses is "She pondered these things in her herart"...That tells me that Jesus didn't come with a play book....That the mother of the Christ grew with her child. I think of her at the foot of the cross nearly alone, looking at a son, dying, and I remember one of the last mentions of her was with Jesus' brothers who wanted to "lay hands on Him, ....thinking He was crazy"..
    I am very careful. I do not support or mention Santa. I challange you to find a Santa in my house or a Christmas card I sent that is not Jesus. We celebrate His birth, along with Jacob, who shares the day. My G-son who has heard so many times that he is one of the best gifts God ever gave us for Christmas.
    But...Should Jesse come to you Sunday and show you his turtle from Santa, will you tell him the truth, that his mother lies? Will you say, it's nice but we don't believe in Santa, just to confuse his little mind?
    Tomorrow is Wed .... no, we will learn about the Wise Men and about gifts from God....they will tell me about what they got for Christmas, and I will say "How nice". I don't care who brought them, I teach Jesus.
    But...About Heather...should we condemn her b/c she is not on the same page with us? Should we shame a young believer? Should we give her non-believing husband one more reason to drag her from church?
    Mary pondered these things in her heart..I'm betting, dispite what the Holy Roman Catholic church told us, she was not sinnless.... she made plenty of mistakes...She grew, she learned. (After all, she did lose the kid)
    Agian, I am a lier...and sometimes a thief, I wd be a lier to say I'm not. You can stand on "Thou shalt not lie"...and you wd be then we can move on to throwing a son from the porch to loosing a temper Sunday morning when children seem to have no concept of time....We could point fingers at ppl till the cows come home...we could wonder why the newest most quoted verse is "Judge not"...Partly b/c we don't want to see our sins, and partly b/c we don't want cut off at the knees when we do...
    Did I lie to my kids ?...yup....I told them about Santa. I told them I loved the ash tray they made in art class. I told them no one would notice the pimple on their nose.
    But I didn't get a play book either......yes, there is a bible play book....but I hadn't read it yet....But when I did, I got serious about telling them about Jesus, ...and I didn't give the Santa lie more power than my Lord and Savior.....
    As I tell the ladies, "The position of Holy Spirit is filled and we are no longer taking applications" we have a message to share , we have an ax to grind..I don't know, every time I go in to my best John the Baptist act and start scream "repent" , it blows up in my face.
    ....I need to get to some random thoughts....

    PS...just because I have an IQ that can't be measured, I have no brain cells that can remember how to spell...odd isn't it?? tell my children (another lie)....spelling is genetic, and none of us got that gene....

  12. Are we having fun yet . . lol. What Mary pondered in her heart was all the fanfare and angelic attendance that was attached to the birth of her child. We could always move away from any issue into other issues, as you suggested, but that is a distraction. Because the issue with telling a child santa is real, and bring gifts and all that, is lying, not anger, bad parenting or anything else. When a child of Christian parents tells me look what santa brought I don't dash their belief in santa, but I do feel a sense of sadness for him. We Christ followers are supposed to be different, to be Holy as He is Holy, and in my opinion we as parents have a very simple, profound way, of preparing our children to be different (Holy)in the world, by not doing santa. Too many Christians are nothing more than wet sinners. When Christian children do not "do santa" they are learning at a young age that following Jesus has a cost. At the heart of my stance is how weak and deluded the church is. So much of the culture and the world has crept in to the church that the only thing that sets "us" apart is what we do on Sunday mornings. For me I come at the santa issue on the lying issue, but what under-girds that is how the church does not look like a witness for Jesus. Now, does the fact that a church,(well the families) as a majority, does santa negate their witness, NO WAY. But I think it is good to ask our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ (privately of course) why they tell their children about santa. I think we should challenge them, ask them to defend their positions, ask them what value santa has. But nobody wants to and no body does because who am I to judge? And of course when we have these conversations the issue eventually becomes, "well you think you are a better Christian because you don't do santa" instead of "gee, I never really thought about it as lying being conformed to the world." You even said so yourself that what you do with santa now is different than 40 years ago, so you obviously see the problem. Oh and telling them you loved the ash tray they made is art class was no lie, you loved it because they made it and not based on its artistic merit. Well, we have had fun with this and the great thing is we are totally at peace with one another, and THAT is something that we need more of in the church: being able to disagree without being disagreeable! Ho , Ho , ho Merry Christmas Barb!

  13. Anonymous12:26 PM dismiss my point....even though you danced around mean ho ho ho!

  14. Now, Barb you know I don't dance . . . what point did I dismiss, or miss?


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