Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Even if I belong to a cult, don't call me a cult member

The following is excerpted from this article.

The Re-Election of Barack Obama

Mitt Romney’s selection as Republican Party’s presidential candidate caused much discussion and dilemma among Christians this year.

A number of Christians stated that they could not vote for a Mormon candidate, and others also noted that Romney approved of homosexual adoption, as well homosexual leaders and members in the Boy Scouts. Additionally, Romney outlined that he did not oppose abortion in the instances of rape, incest and the life of the mother.

Much controversy also erupted over Billy Graham’s endorsement of Mitt Romney, whose son, Franklin, later instructed his staff to remove a page from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website that listed cult groups, among which included Mormonism. Franklin Graham later admitted to reporters that he had the page removed because he did not wish to “call people names.”

Really?  Well as we all know the venerable Billy Graham was not reformed in his soteriology, nonetheless the Lord used him in a mighty, mighty way!  But, c'mon Franklin, you don't want to call the member of a cult, a MEMBER OF A CULT!  And so I assume that whatever lead the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to list the Mormon faith as cult has changed and that faith is no longer a cult?  Or it still is a cult and they lacked the guts to call it such, because it would be mean.  

What is meaner (is that a word?) letting a cult member believe he is not part of a cult, or telling him that he is?  Hmmm, now which one is more likely to lead to salvation?  I mean, really if we don't tell un-redeemed sinners they are in fact , UN-REDEEMED SINNERS, how will they ever see a need for a savior?  Oh, I know, God is a Calvinist so it really doesn't matter . . . 


Keep it classy . . .