Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You want justice

Deep down, well maybe not even that deep, we all want justice for those responsible for the Boston bombings.  Some might call it revenge, but nobody wants to see the guilty party go free. We are mad, sad, angry and violated.  

I want you to stop for a moment and think about your transgression of God's law, and then tell me if you think He wants justice.  Well does He?  Does He demand justice for your lies, your stealing, your blasphemy, your idolatry? 

If you say "no" He does not want justice then what kind of God is He?  That He would give a law and allow you to break it with no penalty?  What kind of God is that, who demands obedience to His law, but doesn't care enough to punish the law breakers?  that would be an unjust God, so ignore him

If you say "yes", then how can you satisfy His righteous demand for justice?  He is not easily placated, His wrath is not finite.  So then, if His wrath towards transgressors is infinite, then how can we, finite creatures satisfy that wrath?

We can't, so then how can we stand before Him?  

Who gets justice?
Who gets non-justice?


Keep it classy . . .